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Birth/Baptism Record

Source Idle Upper Chapel Independent Church
First Name William
Date Registered 1803 03 27
Date Of Birth 1802 12 13
Father John
Mother Hannah
Source Description:

The first Upper Chapel was opened in 1717 on Westfield Lane. The Foundation Deeds state it was erected for a place of religious worship of God for an Assembly or congregation of Protestant Dissenters usually known by the denomination of the Presbyterian persuasion. Its first minister was the Rev.John Buck. The oldest graveyard which was adjacent to the Chapel dated from this time.
A new and larger second Upper Chapel was opened in 1792 on the same ground as the demolished original one . Both of these Chapels were facing away from Westfield Lane. The land for a second graveyard was conveyed in 1839 and this was situated on the other side of Westfield Lane opposite the original one.
The new Chapel was demolished and replaced by a third Upper Chapel which was built in 1849 and opened at Easter 1850. This Chapel was situated near to the original, on the site which is now the current Chapel car park, and faced looking down Westfield Lane. A lot of the original grave memorials now provide a perimeter paving edge around the car park. The second graveyard was extended with an additional strip of land up to Crooked Lane soon after 1875. This extension was designated the "Upper Top Part" of the graveyard.
The third and current graveyard came into use in 1895 and is located on the same side of Westfield Lane as the second one and sited on the other side of Crooked Lane. The third Chapel was demolished and replaced by the current Upper Chapel in 1957, which stands on the ground of the original Chapel, but now facing Westfield Lane.


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